Mechanical Design

Have you got an idea for a mechanical product or mechanism you'd like to create a prototype of? Or a simply need some weight reduction or optimization on a part or assembly? Or maybe you need some structural analysis done. Small or large mechanical project I'd love to work with you on your next big idea.


Structure Design

More specifically my experience is designing free standing structures that support office spaces and other work areas within factory settings. However if you have a need for a simple steel or wooden structure that is also certainly within my scope of work.


3D Modelling

The fun stuff! Well at least for me! If you have anything that you may need a 3D model of, maybe you want to create some stunning graphics for your next presentation or want to have a 3D library of the product you sell to have as a more visually powerful marketing tool. Whatever the reason may be, you need something modeled I can do it. 

Project Management

Do you need a project manager on a per project basis, I have experience managing projects that range from $0 to $500,000. And with a proven track record I believe I can provide great value to you and your company as well. 


2D Layouts

Small and large construction projects such as building a deck, a fence, a shed sometimes is far easier if you had a layout that could show you how it would look with respect to where it's going. I can provide 2D Layout services for this type of project and a number of other applications. 


Engineering Drawings

Business is booming and your engineering staff can't produce drawings fast enough? Or you may just want to focus on the really important stuff and outsource your drawings? Whatever the case may be I can assist you with your engineering drawing needs. Disclaimer: I cannot stamp drawings as I am not yet a P. Eng but I'm working towards it.