Mechanical Design

Have you got an idea for a mechanical product or mechanism you'd like to create a prototype of? Or a simply need some weight reduction or optimization on a part or assembly? Or maybe you need some structural analysis done. Small or large mechanical project I'd love to work with you on your next big idea.


Mesh-less Structural Analysis

At Arrieta Design we only use cutting edge technology, one of the biggest advancements in structural analysis has been the development of a tool that can compute stresses and deflections in large assemblies and complex structures without the need to generate a mesh of finite elements, this tool has cut the time traditional FEA software would take by more than half in many cases. We use this tool to provide great value in our designs for our customers.


Cloud Based 3D Modelling

More than ever becoming agile and having the ability to view 3D models in the shop or on site has become increasingly important. We use the top of it’s class cloud based modelling tool that allows our customers to view their models in real time on any browser on nearly any device without the need to install any software. This makes the iterative process very collaborative and more efficient. Ask us for more details.


Manufacturing Drawings

Are you a small company in need of occasional engineering or shop drawings? Assembly drawings, weldment drawings, machined part drawings. We also have experience in the more traditional 2D AutoCAD drawings and planview layouts. send us a message we’ll be happy to provide a free estimate.